Need a Virtual Learning Option?

March 27, 2020

It’s back to school time, but the usual anticipation of summer’s end feels a little different this year. While students and parents are eager to get back into the classrooms, looming coronavirus concerns post many uncertainties about what the coming year will look like. The virtual learning industry has grown by leaps and bounds since initial shut downs, as have the educational opportunities and resources they provide. Online learning content is hardly the only answer, but it is a valuable, virtual learning resource to explore.

The Power of Video!

While nothing replaces the in-person classroom experience with a live, engaging instructor, video is a great resource for virtual learning and as a powerful supplement for learning in the classroom. 

Video empowers students to question, observe, and learn as they interact with visually stimulating content. It’s another tool to create engagement in the classroom and help students focus on the learning objectives.

Video is not only entertaining, but it is a proven way to reinforce learning objectives.

Virtual Learning

There’s a lot that can go wrong over the next few months, and that’s why it’s important for educators and parents to prepare.

If they’re home sick, your child may need supplementary virtual learning material to help them grasp a new concept in class. Or if they’re simply not getting a new concept with their teacher on Google Classroom, an interactive game might be helpful.

Thankfully, there’s a lot of virtual learning resources out there.

Knowledge on the Go

In response to massive school closures in March 20202, we launched a project with Great Minds, creator of Eureka Math and Wit & Wisdom, to produce video lessons for their new online learning resource, Knowledge on the Go, in support of the PhD Science curriculum grades 3-5.

These videos were designed to make your students feel like they’re in the middle of the classroom. With multiple camera angles, the video works to capture a student’s perspective as a viewer. The teacher speaks to the students in class and addresses the camera, engaging the students watching at home directly. This design encourages participation and involvement at home.

Students will benefit from all Knowledge on the Go resources regardless of whether they already use Great Minds’ materials. Continue checking here for more resources as the Great Minds team refreshes their content.

We hope that our work with Great Minds will be a welcome tool to support families who are educating at home for the first time or simply supplementing with virtual learning resources during a quarantined period.

We’re so proud to be part of a force for good during this uncertain time and hope that you will share these FREE online learning resources. They will be available until August 31, at which time, Great Minds will transition to their new distance learning resource Great Minds In Sync.  





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