Meet Launch Media’s Executive Producer & CEO: John

February 28, 2020

Get to know our Executive Producer and CEO John Jackson with this Friday Introduction.

What was it like training, running, and completing a half marathon?

I was a little apprehensive going into it. You know, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish it because I wanted to run the entire race. So, I had a little anxiety about getting it done. I’ve always wanted to run. I’ve always enjoyed little bits of running here and there, but I never did it seriously.

Ultimately, I want to run a marathon. But, I’m working up to that. 

What’s the best show currently on TV?  

Man, the only thing I’m watching right now is Bob’s Burgers. That’s not what you want, but that’s my best show. That’s what I’m catching up on. There’s a lot of good shows, a lot of good content out there, but I keep it simple. Pop open a beer and watch a little Bob’s Burgers. 

Bob's Burgers family dance

What’s something that everyone should experience at least once in their life?

Did everyone get these questions ahead of time? 

That’s so personal because everybody’s so different. For me, it’s that sense of accomplishment that comes with a very difficult task. You know, for me, it’s been backpacking, it’s been running. It’s a test that you put in front of yourself that’s not an easy task, that takes time and thought and energy.

I think everyone needs to give themselves that challenge. 

What have you created that you’re most proud of? 

My children. 

Name three skills everyone should have. 

You need to be able to order a good wine. You need to know how to take a good picture. And, you’ve got to be able to write in some way, or at least communicate. 

What was the last major goal you accomplished? 

Launch Media is turning 15 this year. So, that’s definitely something to be proud of. To have a company through all the technological changes of the last decade and the fact that I’ve been able to keep this thing going for 15 years. That’s a win. 

You went to Spain last November. Where do you plan to travel next? 

Cambodia is on my short list. Or Thailand. I do want to get some diving in, so Thailand or Malaysia. Definitely Asia. Somewhere over there. 

What is the best and worst part of being the CEO of Launch Media? 

The best part is being able to provide an environment for people to thrive, to watch people doing what they enjoy and producing cool things, whatever that is. 

The worst part is when that’s not happening, and you’re in misery. So, it’s storming, forming, norming. When a group is together and first they storm, and then they normalize, and then they conform. So, a lot of times you’re in one of these places.

People are the greatest part, but they’re also the most challenging part – managing them. 

Problems aren’t always fixed by sitting someone down and talking to them, sometimes it’s a systemic issue. And, solutions need to be more nuanced. 

and go out there, and be their leader

What are you excited about right now? 

We’ve got some new opportunities going on at Launch with some new clients, so that’s really exciting for me because I love the business side of what we do. So, when you have big projects like that, I’m doing a lot of the things that I really enjoy doing. I know that sounds boring, but I like creating budgets and strategizing around business operations and those sorts of things. So, it allows me a chance to geek out. 

Want to work with John?

Reach out to him at [email protected]




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