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September 1, 2021

Have you ever wondered what goes into the creative process of most video productions? Most often, creating a storyboard is a part of pre-production.  A storyboard is a visual representation of a narrative, shot by shot. Honestly, the word perfectly describes itself. Storyboards are helpful when stakeholders may not be able to visualize exactly what production will look like. It’s a great tool to bring the script to life, before filming even starts. 

Recently, our team partnered with Southern University Systems Foundation to create a video for Give Day 2021Last year’s video brought the excitement of Homecoming to supporters from home. This year, our team took a different approach and highlighted Southern University’s beautiful campus

Our Creative Producer, Chris, who directed the Give Day shoot, shares why he decided to use a storyboard for the Give Day shoot, plus a common misconception. Here are three situations where your production needs a storyboard. 

For Easier Team Communication

For this project, we partnered with FireSide Films. Their company handled production and they were excellent to work with. In order to create a smooth shoot day, our director developed a storyboard that visually explained every scene. Chris wanted to better communicate the creative vision with the Director of Photography and a storyboard worked perfectly. 

For High Concept Productions

High-concept, narrative-based pieces need a storyboard. When there are lots of moving parts (literally), a storyboard explains the visuals that will accompany the words from the script.

To Save Time

With all those moving pieces, a storyboard is a time saver. All of the scenes were explained in pre-production, so when shoot day arrived, all of the crew members knew exactly what the goals were. It was an efficient and productive day.

One common misconception about storyboarding is that it needs to be drawn by an artist. That’s not the case. The purpose of a storyboard is to convey your ideas in a way that your crew can understand. So, yes, stick people are fine, as long as everyone understands what’s happening in the scene. 

We can help! Our team is prepared to assist from creative to post-production, and beyond.

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