Thoughts from John: What is an education? 

February 20, 2020

What does it mean to get an education? 

We usually think of a 4-year college degree. A traditional education that provides a well-rounded understanding of the world, cultures, and philosophy. One where students study a canon of core material, and then pursue professions like doctor, teacher, lawyer.

But, a 4-year college is not the only path, nor is it the only way to receive a valuable education. 

In light of Career and Technical Education month, I want to talk about the value of education in its many different, untraditional forms. 

At Launch Media, we believe in lifelong learning.

It’s crucial to expand our minds with new perspectives and experiences. It makes us better humans. 

And, continued education is vital to remain competitive in our industry with its ever-evolving technology and marketing trends. At Launch Media “Growth” is one of our values; whether that’s professional or personal growth, I believe it’s important that we continue moving forward or we risk becoming obsolete or stale.

Video production is very often an untraditional career path. 

While you can certainly go to college for film or graphic design or animation, many practitioners are self-taught. And, they spend years honing their craft gaining certifications and on the job training working through the many positions on set and in production until they find their niche.

As our country grapples with rising student loan debt, prospective students should explore their options to see the various, untraditional pathways to a viable, fulfilling career. 

And when getting started on the journey toward a career, they should be open to the idea that they can find that through a community college, a technical school, or even through employer job training. 

A degree doesn’t mean you get a job.

You still have to develop marketable skills and produce something that people want or provide services that people need. 

There are so many careers that don’t require a degree. They require learned skills, results, and years of hard work and study on the job.  

So, while traditional 4-year college degrees are certainly beneficial for those who hope to become teachers or doctors, they aren’t necessary for everyone.

Education is about becoming a well-rounded person, a lifelong learner. And, it’s about honing a skill that other people need. 

Just because a job doesn’t require a college degree doesn’t mean it doesn’t require certifications and licenses and a lifetime of learning. Career and technical education month is a time to recognize that. 



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