How to Use Video to Improve Site Safety

April 18, 2017

What does your safety training program include? When my team talks to safety coordinators and training leaders, we often hear about manuals, long computer-based trainings, and meetings — a lot of meetings.

All of those tools are useful, but we’ve found that video can really transform a safety program. Instead of hearing different messages from different leaders and site supervisors, employees get a consistent central message. Everyone hears the same regulations and safety rules. Instead of getting watered down as it travels through the organization, a video message delivers the same story and talking points every single time, to everyone who watches it. Video can foster a more consistent and meaningful conversation, getting employees more actively engaged in their own safety.

Here are four ways organizations are using video to improve site safety.

Drive Home the Most Important Safety Messages

Bechtel is a global engineering firm. Leaders found that safety incidents spiked during summer months, and they came to us for help communicating with employees about five key summer hazards.

We created a series of five videos. Each video focuses on one hazard and safety message. The series breaks up the long list of precautions into five separate, easy-to-digest lessons.

Site leaders shared the videos at safety meetings, ensuring that employees throughout the organization and across sites heard the same important messages.

Here’s one of the videos, which focuses on the danger of barricades:

Respond to Specific Safety Incidents

Another Launch client, a global inspection company, needed a video to respond to a specific safety incident. The video was shown to the entire global workforce — 85,000 employees.

Leaders decided to create a video for the entire employee base to make sure they got the message right. One leader at the company told me: “With hundreds of supervisors and thousands of employees, we can’t always count on the passion being there every time a lesson is distributed on paper. Videos are invaluable for that.”

Feature Real Employees to Personalize Safety Messages

We almost always try to feature real employees in safety training videos. Our clients have found that involving real people who work at the sites gets employees’ attention. “Actors or people from other industries don’t have a fraction of the impact,” one leader told me.

Pair Videos with Traditional Training Materials

A great safety video can be the jumping-off point for conversations among work groups. It’s always a good idea to consider how you can incorporate your traditional training materials with new safety videos. One Launch client creates a one-pager with talking points for supervisors to accompany each video and lead a conversation.

You might also consider showing safety videos during your regularly scheduled trainings, like new employee onboarding.

Are you considering video training in 2017? If you’re looking for ideas, we’d love to help. Check out our project archive for inspiration or get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.
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