Immerse Yourself


Seeing the incredible potential for using immersive video but knowing there is quite a bit of confusion around what’s 360 verses VR, Launch Media produced this short example that moves the viewer from a simple 360 video application to a complete 3D VR (virtual reality) environment. We hope the viewer will begin to understand what these terms mean and how they all work together to create a truly immersive experience.

If you can imagine it, we can build it, and everyone, everyWHERE, can get on board; whether on a phone or tablet, in a browser, or on a headset.

Seeing all sides of the story is a rare commodity indeed, so seize this opportunity to… IMMERSE!

Check out our Video

This video combines 360 footage with composited stereoscopic graphics and an animated character to exhibit the endless possibilities that this new technology can bring to the communications landscape.

(If you have trouble viewing the 360 video, click here to view via YouTube. Safari browser does NOT support 360 video at this time.)

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