How to Host a Virtual BBQ

July 2, 2020

July 4, 2020 is going to look different. We want to be responsible, but we want to celebrate! And, that means getting creative. So, here’s our take on how to host a virtual BBQ! 

Remember when you were little and the 4th of July was a magical day of high summer? 

The scent of chargrilled hotdogs and hamburgers wafting through the patio. 

The sticky spots on your cheeks from a buttery corn on the cob. 

The melody of your mom’s favorite song flowing from the speakers.  

Running barefoot through the light spray of a garden hose. 

Our memories are made of so much more than physically being with others, and creating a great virtual event is about stimulating as many of our senses as possible. 

Here’s some key ingredients you need to have a great virtual BBQ this 4th of July . 

invite people to virtual bbq

1. Set a Time 

You need friends and family to make a 4th of July BBQ special, so pick a day and a time to virtually convene and send it out to the folks you love so they can R. S. V. P.!

This is only going to feel like a real BBQ if you treat it like a real gathering. That means no last minute texts to “hop on Facetime.” You need your guests aware, ready, and prepped for the summer spirit! 

Pro-Tip: Start a group chat or a Facebook group for your event. Then you can share all of your recipes and activities for the day! 

Host a Virtual BBQ event

2. Customize Your Menu 

Make whatever your family usually cooks on the 4th of July. Ask for grandma’s apple pie recipe. Try your hand at a new BBQ sauce recipe. 

Or, if you’re no chef, then support some local restaurants and serve up that professional grade BBQ. With a little Marie Calendar’s berry pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert. 

And, share your menu with your guests, so they can create the same meal. 

Eating and drinking the same food, even over video, can help create a feeling of togetherness, even when we need to stay apart. 

Pro-Tip: If you’ve got the time and the money, send some of your guests treats, like a homemade pie or a platter of wings! No one has ever been upset to find free food on their doorstep!  

virtual event cocktail

3. Create a Signature Cocktail (or Mocktail)

It’s not a BBQ without a couple beers in the ice chest and a cocktail on the picnic table! 

Create a drink recipe just for your virtual gathering. Pick something simple and refreshing. Be sure to send out the ingredients and the instructions on how to make it to your guests! 

You could pull your twist on a Red, White, and Blue Wine Spritzer. 

Or make a Watermelon Blueberry Cooler

Or this Star Spangled Spritzer where you can swap the wine with ginger ale for a family friendly treat! 

virtual 4th of July dress up

4. Dress Up! 

Just like all those #WFH articles said, getting dressed makes you feel better, more productive, and less tired. And, the same logic applies to your BBQ spirit! 

If you’re poolside, don a patriotic swimsuit. If you’re hanging out in your kitchen, pull out that BBQ apron with the pig and the American flag on it. Wear whatever you’d normally wear for a BBQ, just make sure it’s red, white, and blue! 

4th of July

5. Host a Contest 

Ready to take this virtual BBQ to the next level? Host a contest for your guests to share and compete at the BBQ! 

Ask everyone to find their favorite joke to share and have a comedy call while you wait for the burgers to grill. 

Share a dancing video challenge with your guests and ask everyone to bring their best moves! 

Dress up as your favorite American (past or present) and share some fun facts about them! #AlwaysBeLearning 

Or, challenge the bakers in your group to plate their desserts like an iron chef. Who’s homemade ice cream will stand up to the challenge?


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