Wes Kennison

Quick Facts

What are you most crazy about? Family

What impresses you? I bow to the gods of good graphic design.

What are your interests? Fascinated with all things fractal, in nature and in art.

With a professional background that is, let’s say, “diverse”, Wes’ main goal as a creative is to deliver uniquely useful moving imagery captured in camera, via graphic design, through 3D environments, or good ol’ fashion 2D animation.
Wes is a firm believer in the idea that style emerges from methodology, and that the best ideas come from a rigorous devotion to process.
Wax on, wax off. He’s reminded daily that the time spent in the unsure (and usually uncomfortable) trenches of concept and look development will always pay off in the end.
He’s currently working on developing and refining his style framing chops, in order to develop strong visual concepts for clients and friends alike.

Directed by Wes

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