February 6, 2023

How to Win the Attention War 

It’s no secret that attention spans continue to dwindle. Everyone is familiar with the overused statistic about goldfish. Everyone knows that video is a vital weapon in this war. Is there a way to truly make a brand rise up over the noise? A high quality video full of clever edits to combat the overwhelm of content?  

NoThere is no magic formula. There is no production studio that can guarantee every video will go viral. There is no secret visual recipe to capture everyone’s attention. 

But, brands don’t need to secure just anyone’s attention. They only need to connect with their target audience. 

Young African American girl plays with technology

What You Need to Maintain Your Audience’s Attention

The first step in any creative process is always to identify the target audience. Content crafted for everyone speaks to no one, all the more so amid the high stakes of our content saturated digital world. 

The most effective brands invent a story that makes their audience feel heard while simultaneously compelling them to listen closer, to emotionally invest because the brand story has now made them feel a part of something greater than themselves. 

This kind of storytelling requires intentionality, quality direction, and meaningful creative discussion. This kind of storytelling does not begin with a fifteen second TikTok trend (though effective short videos for social media will certainly stem from this type of storytelling). 

Jacqueline Beauchamp

Storytelling is only the beginning.  

Masterful storytelling has the capacity to yield incredible results. But, without the proper medium to ensure it goes to work for you, it’s just another piece of content. 

We want to create a lasting narrative.

Narratives engage. They evolve. And they stick. We aim to craft a compelling narrative by first understanding who you are and who you want to reach. It needs to establish momentum and capture your audience in a meaningful way. 

When we develop your project narrative, we generate a concept specific to your organization. From there, we distinguish the look and feel of a visual solution that will drive results.  

Every new project at Launch Media begins with a creative brief, which identifies project goals, audience needs, and strategic communication objectives. But, a successful creative process doesn’t always fit neatly into a downloadable template. 

Augmented reality cowboy

Finding the narrative with Engaged Media

In a project with Engaged Media, we worked to design an augmented reality and interactive exhibit for the Black College Hall of Fame and NFL Hall of Fame while also highlighting the company’s support of its partner, Microsoft and Historically black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) across the country. And, the video needed to reflect that partnership well with a personal, story-driven, immersive experience. 

“Originally, this was supposed to be a completely animated spot. All the animation work done on the illustrated animation was spearheaded by Wes Kennison with a team of three or four designers and animators. Just like every good process, you have to have the courage to take things away or to say however cool a shot or segment of animation is, it has to work for the overall narrative…. The live action component came after further development.”  – Christopher Jeansonne

While this video features a personal story about a “ little girl from Scotlandville who fell in love with technology,” it also speaks to larger narratives. The transformative force of education. The power of successful black women. The evolution of the human relationship with technology. 

The visual concept combined cinematic live action with animation and augmented reality created by Engaged Media. 

“It is a great example of what you can do when you mix animation and live action production, which is something that we find ourselves doing more and more now. We create this workflow between production and post because you have to plan for what it’s going to look like when the animation is complete.” – Taylor Stoma 

Animated Still of African Americans in an HBCU Classroom

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