Corporate Branding: Energize Your Mission Statement

March 11, 2021

Promoting a product brand is straightforward, but companies are often clueless on how to promote their corporate brand. A successful starting point is with a mission statement. Mission statements are meant to encapsulate a company’s identity and purpose. It answers the big “why” questions about your company in a succinct and (hopefully!) memorable way. Using this mission statement, a company is able to efficiently promote its brand to clients and future customers. If it isn’t, it’s time for a change. Here are three quick tips to make your company’s mission statement stand out as more than just beautiful words on a page. 

Make It Truthful

There’s no point in having a beautifully worded statement that doesn’t actually relate to the company it was written for. To combat this, focus on exactly who your company wants to affect: the community, the environment, or even an industry. Consider the why questions behind your corporate brand: Why did you decide to launch your company? Why am I here? Those answers will unlock your mission statement. Making that statement truthful and unique to your brand is the key to its success with current and future clients. 

Make It Inspirational 

A major key to creating a mission statement that stands out is to include an inspirational component. Just like any goal, a mission statement should be attainable; however, with this addition, you’ll be giving all employees (from the top down) something to work towards. Your mission statement should inspire your staff, make them want to support the organization’s goals, and make them feel like their hard work is making the difference you know it is. 

house painted with INSPIRE on the side, corporate branding

Make It Stunning 

Recently, we shared key ingredients to what goes into the brand anthems we create. Those ingredients create the exciting and stunning videos we make. To truly have an effective mission statement, we recommend going visual. Once you’ve nailed down exactly what your mission statement is to your company, put it on the screen. Plenty of people prefer watching videos to reading, which means a visual mission statement meets them right where they are. 

Woman in a blue suit stands on a conference desk in Assurance FInancial

A company’s mission statement is a great way to succinctly define who they are and what they’re working towards. It’s important to take the time to consider what goals you want to meet as an organization and how to phrase that for anyone to understand. Over the years as an organization grows, keeping a clear, precise mission makes it easy to remain focused on the heart of the company. We’ve worked with companies like CSRS and Assurance Financial to create brand anthems AKA visual mission statements that showcase who your company is. If you’ve crafted your mission statement and are ready to make it stunning, let us help. 

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