Thoughts from John

October 28, 2019
How Do You Cultivate Creativity?

How do we cultivate creativity?  Is it something we inherently have, like hair color or athletic ability? Or is it something that we must practice?  We think it’s a little bit of both, but while some are more naturally inclined to unique perspectives and imaginative daydreams, it takes perseverance and hard work to cultivate and […]

September 27, 2019
What I Believe As a Small Business Owner in Baton Rouge

“Why Baton Rouge?”  An out of town client recently asked me this question.  From an outsider’s perspective, it’s a valid ask. Why should they choose a small business in this city – in need of massive infrastructure improvements, litter clean-up on the streets, and a whole faction of people who want to leave? But, that’s […]

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