May 25, 2023
Why Hire a Video Production Company for Content Marketing Videos?

Lights, Camera, Results In today’s digital age, content marketing has become a vital strategy for businesses to engage with their target audience and drive growth. Among the plethora of content types, videos have emerged as a powerful tool to captivate and connect with viewers. However, crafting compelling and professional videos requires expertise and finesse. That’s […]

February 6, 2023

How to Win the Attention War  It’s no secret that attention spans continue to dwindle. Everyone is familiar with the overused statistic about goldfish. Everyone knows that video is a vital weapon in this war. Is there a way to truly make a brand rise up over the noise? A high quality video full of […]

November 30, 2022
3 Reasons Humor is an Effective Visual Strategy

Key Takeaways:  Humor increases audience engagement with the information shared Humor improves audience retention of the information shared Humor humanizes a brand What’s the goal of your video? That’s one of the first questions we discuss with our clients. Typically, a marketing video aims to increase brand awareness, generate X number of leads, or promote […]

August 25, 2021
Creating A Content Calendar

It’s a surprise to no one that being consistent on social media is a full-time job. Consistency increases engagement, but that’s easier said than done. Are you struggling to post consistent content to your website or social media platforms? You are not alone. We’re sharing three tips to jumpstart your content (or editorial) calendar. Define […]

March 11, 2021
Corporate Branding: Energize Your Mission Statement

Promoting a product brand is straightforward, but companies are often clueless on how to promote their corporate brand. A successful starting point is with a mission statement. Mission statements are meant to encapsulate a company’s identity and purpose. It answers the big “why” questions about your company in a succinct and (hopefully!) memorable way. Using […]

July 21, 2020
5 Reasons to Interview Subject Matter Experts 

It seems like nowadays anyone with access to a search engine is a self proclaimed expert. There is much to be said for a desire to learn and grow. But, we should not mistake a those practice of lifelong learning with subject matter experts.   Subject Matter Experts: Who are they? Subject matter experts are different […]

July 8, 2020
5 Reasons to Work With Launch Media 

You already know why it’s a bad idea to cut marketing and communication budgets during a crisis, but where do you begin on your next creative project? What makes a good video production company? Why are they better than the other guys? Here’s the top 5 reasons to work with the team here at Launch […]

June 8, 2020
4 Elements Your Video Narrative Needs:  

Think about the last time you saw Harry Potter, or The Lord of the Rings. Remember how it felt to watch those movies? The emotional investment the characters demanded of you. The way the story sucked you in and compelled you to keep watching? That’s because those movies tell powerful stories that follow a narrative […]

May 21, 2020
Virtual Event Tips from Heather Day at Red Cake Events

Are you planning a virtual event? Not sure where to start? We called up the fabulous Heather Day, owner of Red Cake Events, to get her expertise and insights on how to plan a great virtual event. Great events are about creating value through connection, engagement, and education.  But, how do you make the same […]

May 14, 2020
Why Marketing Budgets Shouldn’t Be Cut During a Crisis

A good marketing and communications strategy is about creating connections between your brand and your audience. Despite its importance, many view such efforts as nonessential and cut them as expendable, unimportant investments when difficulties arise. While there is wisdom in prudent spending during times of uncertainty, that doesn’t mean you stop communicating with your target […]

March 27, 2020
Meet Launch Media’s Editor: Taylor Stoma

Do you have any exciting news to share? Yeah! I’m releasing an album next Friday! And, I’m releasing a music video today.  The name of my EP is “Stoma.” It’s going to be on all platforms – spotify, amazon music, tidal, literally everything. Shazam. Tik Tok. Next Friday – April 3rd.  Check out the music […]

March 19, 2020
How are you navigating COVID-19? Let us help

We understand that you have an urgent need to get content online as we face mounting uncertainty and disruption in the coming months. We are working hard to field several requests from clients who are moving quickly to address the needs of a workforce at home, children out of school, and effective crisis communication. Thankfully, […]

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