HD Multi-camera video switching & streaming

In today’s visual world, consumers are accustomed to watching videos and—for the most part—seeking the medium out to stay informed and connected. What’s even more powerful today is that we have the technology to feed users the content they want immediately via live video webcasting.

Rather you need to stream a music concert, a keynote presentation, or a leadership message to your workforce around the world and in real-time, Launch Media can customize a video streaming solution for you.

When the live event is over, the videos are immediately cut and available to watch on demand. Depending on the distubution method anaylitics are able to be captured and used to measure your audience engagment and ROI.

This media-based business solution is also ideal for:

  • Internal Corporate Communications
  • Workforce Training & Educating
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Organization Meetings/Luncheons/Events
  • Seminars
  • Live Concerts
  • Experiential Events
  • Press & Media Engagements



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