5 Examples of Great Recruiting Videos

July 20, 2017

Looking for job candidates who are a good fit for your organization? Recruiting videos can help you give interested candidates a taste of your company before they apply, resulting in a better fit and, in the long run, less turnover.

In our latest ebook, we break down what makes a great HR video. Here are five examples of recruiting videos that put those best practices into action.


I love this recruiting video from Deloitte. The creative choose-your-own-adventure format gives potential applicants an idea of how Deloitte values play out in a typical day on the job.

The first-person video takes the viewer through a work day. Along the way, viewers come to several crossroads, where they have to make a choice about their next move — for example, what you’d do if you lost the notes for an important meeting. The video production is seamless and responsive, making it easy for any viewer to get an idea of what’s important to Deloitte and whether they might be a good fit.

The takeaway: Show candidates what it’s like to work at your organization (don’t just tell them).


Red Cross

This simple, graphic video highlights the strong mission of the Red Cross: collecting blood, helping people in emergency situations, teaching lifesaving skills, mobilizing volunteers and so on.

The video’s simple color scheme of whites, grays and bright red, combined with stylized figures and soaring music, makes a compelling video for someone who wants to help in either a paid position or a volunteer role.

The takeaway: If you have a strong mission, use it as an anchor for your recruiting video.


Construction, mining and heavy industry recruiters, listen up: Your industries are prime for exciting visuals in recruiting videos. This video we worked on with Bechtel uses worksite footage to inspire candidates, while making it clear what kind of worker the company is looking for: an experienced, skilled tradesperson who isn’t afraid of long hours, variable schedules and hard work.

The video also establishes what the company can offer candidates in the short and long term, giving potential applicants useful insights into what their careers might look like at the company.

The takeaway: If your work environment is exciting or interesting, feature it prominently in recruiting videos.



The people who already work at your organization can serve as your best spokespeople. In this video from Snap Inc., employees talk about why they like working there, giving candidates a sneak peek into the organization. Using front-line employees and managers can help recruiting videos feel more authentic than highlighting top-level leaders. When candidates see people like them talking about their experiences at the organization, they can easily imagine themselves there.

The takeaway: Your people are your best recruiting asset. Feature them!

General Mills

360-degree videos can give candidates a first-person experience of what your office, campus and city are like. For applicants who want to learn as much as possible about your organization, a video like this one from General Mills can help give them the information they’re looking for.

The interactive, 360-degree option makes it possible for viewers to change the perspective of the shot depending on what they want to see. General Mills takes the viewer to a wide variety of spots on the tour — the cafeteria, fitness center, work stations and meeting spaces — with favorite General Mills characters popping up along the way.

The takeaway: Give candidates an all-access tour of the spaces and features you’re most proud of.


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