5 Reasons to Work With Launch Media 

July 8, 2020

You already know why it’s a bad idea to cut marketing and communication budgets during a crisis, but where do you begin on your next creative project? What makes a good video production company? Why are they better than the other guys?

Here’s the top 5 reasons to work with the team here at Launch Media!

1. Experience

Anything you can put on a screen? We can do it. 

Over the past 15 years, we’ve built our reputation as a reliable, quality video production company in Downtown Baton Rouge. We’ve evolved our business model to reflect the needs and demands of our clients. 

Sure, we may have changed our name from GreenScreen TV to Launch Media, but we’re still the same team with the same mission: making video that matters. 

After working in nearly every industry, from healthcare to corporate to industrial, we know that our job is to solve your problems with a visual solution. And have a little bit of fun while we’re at it. 

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2. Loyal Client Base

But, who cares if we’re experienced? That doesn’t give you the full story. 

Here’s what you really need to know. We’ve got a loyal client base.

In fact, more than 60 percent of our clients each year are repeat customers. If that doesn’t speak for itself, you can click here to read exactly what our clients have to say. 

Many of our clients call Baton Rouge home, but we’ve been lucky enough to film and shoot videos across the country and around the world – from Houston, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina, to Chile and Australia and beyond!  

Our approach is simple. We do everything we can to support our clients from the very first meeting to the final delivery to highlighting your campaigns on our social platforms. 

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3. High Caliber Product 

The reason people like you choose to hire a video production company is because you want a high caliber product. You want a video that’s polished, compelling, and visually strategic. And, that’s exactly what we do. 

We’ve received numerous accolades for video production excellence in the form of Telly Awards and the American Advertising Awards, mostly recently for our project with Octagon Media, Aetna Better Health for Louisiana: Commitment to Community. We think we’re a pretty good video production company, if we may say so ourselves. 

But, don’t let us pat ourselves on the back, fact check us here.  

4. Culture of Collaboration 

We believe that the secret to success isn’t any one thing, but a commitment to the process and instilling a culture of collaboration among our internal team and our clients. It’s important to us to model a culture of collaboration in all that we do. And, that’s why we work with our local community through strategic partnerships and nonprofit efforts: LANO, BRAC, LTP, Emergent Method, Creative Cube, Point Above, and Stories that Matter.  

Making a good video is a comprehensive process that requires more than just talent. It requires a team that thinks together, not just internally, but with our clients. Yes, we are the experts. And, we are happy to advise and guide. But, our clients have bright minds and fresh, creative energy. We welcome those fresh voices and work to bridge the gaps between the vision in their heads and the visual execution. 

Sometimes collaboration is more about logistics than creative process. And, we’re happy to work with video production crews anywhere to find the right contractor who can capture what you need when it doesn’t make sense for us to physically go there. 


5. Commitment to Safety 

When we discuss our commitment to safety, it’s usually about working in hazardous job sites. We’ve filmed on over 50 job sites, and we keep up with the certifications we need to comply with safety regulations. 

But, a commitment to safety looks a little different right now. The realities of the coronavirus have changed the way we operate. Every location is now a hazardous production site. 

We are committed to keeping our crew and our clients safe and healthy. And, we implemented a precautionary production protocol that protects our team and helps mitigate any potential spread of the coronavirus.

We know that ongoing, transparent communication and vigilant preparation is key to this. So, we take any additional precautionary measures requested by our clients to heart.

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