3 Tips for Emotional Healthcare Interviews

March 4, 2021

From physician vignettes to new building tours, and everything in between, our team has partnered with healthcare giants like Mary Bird Perkins and Our Lady of The Angels – Bogalusa to create content that communicates company vision, but also shares the humanity of the people inside the building. We’ve had the opportunity to share patient experiences that really pull heartstrings. These sensitive, and often emotional, topics must be handled with special, and sincere care. When approaching interviews, there are specific values to keep in mind. Here are three key tips for maintaining trust and integrity when sharing emotional stories

Offer empathy

Stories about cancer journeys or weight loss surgery can be particularly sensitive and emotional. Patients are opening up in ways they may never have had to about something incredibly personal. As an interviewer, it’s important to consider this as you ask questions and listen to their story. The golden rule is pertinent all the time, but especially in this situation. Treat others (and their journey) as you would like to be treated and handle their story with respect and care.

client speaks with physician

Maintain Honesty

Our clients trust us to tell the truth. It’s why our client retention rate is over 80%. Interviewing patients or physicians means asking them questions that get to the truth.  As an interviewer, it’s not your job to censor someone’s story. While there are hours that go into creative briefs and discovery meetings to create a narrative, we are called to maintain honesty and focus on the truth of the story, even if it’s uncomfortable. Everyone’s journey is different, and from the outside looking in, it’s easy to judge what someone else’s life looks like. 

Provide Clarity and Transparency

Prior to any interview, take time to research and prepare yourself. In order to be authentic, gather all the relevant information and build from there. Although it may feel exciting to embellish information, it’s important to provide clarity and maintain credibility. Ask questions that get to the true story. Remember, patient testimonials are added value to your message. Allow your interviewee to share as many details as necessary and keep your audience in mind. Be certain that everyone leaves more knowledgeable than they arrived. 

Everyone has a story to tell, and as an interviewer, you have the responsibility to tell their story with the respect it deserves. These are just a few ways to guide you in painting an authentic picture of a single snapshot in a person’s life.  Remember, actions are stronger than words, so keep in mind that on top of saying the right things to your audience and interviewee, the way you act speaks stronger. If you need more guidance on how to conduct a professional, and still empathetic, interview or you need to refresh your company’s identity, feel free to reach out to the team at Launch! 

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