3 Reasons Why Virtual Training Works: 

May 5, 2020

Right now, businesses and organizations across industries are implementing new HR policies and safety protocols to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. When in person training is not the safest option, conducting virtual training is an effective way to implement new mitigation policies and safely train your workforce. Here’s 3 reasons why virtual training works.

1. Accessible

Training accessibility is important whether your workplace is in multiple locations or hazardous environments. 

Oftentimes, large corporations will send company teachers to train employees at other locations or branches. But, traveling and gathering in large groups, even to learn important information is not recommended for everyone’s health and safety.   

Nor should those working in hazardous environments, like hospitals or industrial job sites, interact with more people than necessary. 

Further, employees want to learn. Providing them with an accessible and convenient option is a great way to improve retention rates.  

Virtual training platforms present a greater level of accessibility, so that teachers can communicate and educate while keeping everyone safe. 

2. Cost – Efficient 

Virtual training is also cost-efficient. It helps you save money and time. What more can you ask for? 

In fact, virtual learning typically requires 40-60% less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting? 

Did you know that 85% of every dollar spent on classroom training is spent delivering it (instructor time and travel)? 

When you’re not spending money on employee travel or event spaces, you can invest in the infrastructure for virtual training programs that produce the same result.

You’re going to ultimately save on expenses and time because virtual training allows for more effective and profitable results. 

In fact, 42% of companies say that e-learning has increased their revenue.  

3. Effective

“Virtual training may save me money, but is it effective?”

Glad you asked. 

Not only is virtual training effective, but it actually increases your employee’s retention rates by 25-60%. That’s compared with face-to-face classroom learning of 8-10% retention rates. 

Technology enables our workforce to learn and grow at a faster pace with virtual training. But, it’s important to build the right infrastructure to support your virtual training curriculum. 

We have the proven experience to help you launch your virtual training platform to keep your workforce safe and up to date. And, we’ve worked with companies to create platforms that are scalable and approachable. 

Contact us to learn more. 

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