3 Quick Tips for Navigating New Beginnings

November 25, 2020

As the year is coming to a close, many of us are gearing up for changes, big and small. The new year is always a great time to refocus and review past successes and failures. Setting yourself up for success, again, is important to do as you prepare for a new beginning. For me, my new beginning is starting my new role here at Launch Media as Communications Manager. As I adjust to my new role, here are three tips that have helped me so far. 

1. Define Your Goals

On my first day at Launch Media (LM), our CEO, John Jackson, told me that he wanted me to define my goals for this role, and together, we would figure out how he could support me in getting to them. One thing I think about when starting a new project is what kind of results I want.

Consider where you want to be once you’ve settled in. Once that’s decided, it’s easier to figure out how to get there and what kind of support you’ll need. I would also encourage you to write down your goals. I’m a big fan of putting pen to paper, but creating a note in your phone works, too. Be sure to revisit your goals regularly to keep them front of mind. This way, you can track your progress through your new beginning. With your goals in hand, you are ready for my next tip. 

2. Ask Questions

During my first week at LM, I carried a notebook with me. This is not unusual, as self-proclaimed Queen of Lists, but for that week, my notebook served a different purpose. I spoke with all of my coworkers and wrote down anything that stuck out from our conversations. After I listened, I asked any appropriate question that came to mind. I wanted to get a firm grasp on where this role fit into the company’s ecosystem, and how I could support my new team members.

Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, but there are unanswered ones. Make a list of your questions and keep a notebook (or stickies!) nearby for new ones. Consider this: the most important questions were the ones that helped me understand what my professional future could look like. I’d tentatively defined my goals, but now I need to know how my goals needed to align with Launch Media. 

3. Keep an Open Mind

There’s a fair amount of mental preparation that goes in the days (or hours) before we start something new. For my new role at Launch, there was quite a bit that I had planned for and literally none of it happened as I thought it would. When you’re starting anything new, set your expectations to have no expectations. There will be universal things that you can plan for, like W-2 forms if you’re starting a new job, but keep an open mind for just about everything else.

Everyone’s journey is different, so depending on what your new beginning is, use these tips as they apply to you. Maybe you’ve got your own method, or you could stand to use a little more guidance as you complete the goals for your latest project.

At Launch Media, we understand that getting started is usually the hardest part. Our process includes applying all of these tips to bring a vision to life. We partner with our clients to set goals for their projects, by asking clarifying questions, and keeping an open mind. From the initial discovery meeting, all the way through post-production, we’re excited to see your project through. Let our team help you find a clear path to your perfect finished work.

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