3 Habits for An Organized Digital Workspace

January 7, 2021

The new year is a fresh start for everyone. This is a great time to clear out the old and make way for the brand new. After you swap out your holiday decor and festive lights for regular everyday life, give your workspace a thorough sweep, too.  With workers spending more time on their computers and less in person, there’s no better time than now to get your computer desktop organized. Just like the new year means creating new goals, it also means creating a workspace that breeds creativity. Here are 3 habits to start today that will get and keep your digital workspace organized and ready for work. 

Make it an event

Schedule a time weekly to organize (and delete!) files from your desktop or download folder. Create an event reminder that will block off 15 minutes or so on your calendar. Use that time to inventory all the files on your desktop and in certain folders on your computer. 

Our producer, Chris, sets aside time monthly to go through all the files that are on his desktop. He prefers to keep files that he works in daily available for quick access and move anything else into it’s appropriate folder on the hard drive. Chris recommends keeping only small files on your desktop to keep your equipment from being bogged down. 

Move large files or things you don’t open often to its permanent home and delete anything unnecessary. By setting aside time consistently, this process will become a habit. 

Create some structure

Create folders, with specific names, to organize any type of file. It’s important to name your folders and organize them in a way that makes sense for all users involved. There’s no use in creating a folder structure that one person understands, but leaves the rest of the team in a tizzy. 

Our editor, Taylor, considers himself to be irrationally obsessed with folder structure. He works in our project folders all day, so it’s very important that he’s able to find exactly what he needs, as easily as possible. If you’re creating a new folder structure for your company, Taylor suggests starting broad, then create into more detailed folders. 

It’s also important to choose a naming convention and a folder structure that works and then stick to it. Future You will be thankful when you’re easily able to find a folder one year from now due to a folder structure and naming convention that makes sense. 

Keep what you need and toss the rest

Think of your desktop as a temporary workspace. Just like you wouldn’t leave important documents or papers on top of your desk, your desktop is the same. Treat your digital workspace the same. Folders or programs you use daily should have a place, but anything else needs to be filed away. Keeping a cluttered desktop means more time looking for a document and less time actually working. It’s not practical to delete everything, but having a place for everything is very important. 

Our communications manager, Brooke, is serious about tossing anything unnecessary away. She prefers to focus on one project at a time, so removing any chaos means less distraction. A clear workspace makes for a clear mind, so keeping clutter at bay helps Brooke concentrate and create her best work. 

If you’re a more visual person, segment your desktop with a fun wallpaper with different sections for your folders. This provides a place for temporary files and makes it easier to see what needs to be kept or can be deleted.

Set a good foundation for your 2021 by creating some new habits. Something as simple as keeping a clean workspace and desktop can greatly improve your mental state, making it far easier to flex your creativity in all your future projects. Here at Launch Media, we’re committed to staying productive and organized all through the new year.  



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